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A thoughtfully curated selection of small-batch wines that you won’t find on store shelves.

The best wines are not mass-produced.

Making wine in small batches allows an uncompromised focus on quality. Most wine stores pick inventory from a portfolio and prefer higher margins over better taste. Not POLLUX. We travel to the best small wineries, taste thousands of wines, and offer only what we would buy for ourselves.

We say that the dirt under their fingernails matters.

Our relationships with our winemakers are unrushed. Through late night tastings in their homes to understanding every aspect of production, we take the time to learn everything about the bottle before we add it to our list. We’ve learned that the dirt on their hands speaks to their effort, passion for the craft, and authenticity.

These are the wines you should be discovering.

"How many wine merchants spend time traveling wine country these days? Anyone can sell a portfolio of famous names; it takes skill and no little courage to discover and promote something new." - Tim Atkin, Master of Wine


There’s a reason why online shopping is so popular. It’s no different for wine.


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We travel wine country and taste thousands of wines. You reap the benefits by getting our best discoveries delivered straight to your door.


Buy wine with confidence.

Less than 2% of the wines we taste meet our quality and value standards. So go forth, and find the wines you’ve always been looking for - wines you can trust!

Purveyor of uncommon wine.

These wines don't just taste good, these are wines that matter.

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