2017 Gamay Noir

Santa Barbara, CA

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    Lo-Fi Wines

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    Delightfully playful, and at its best capable of impressive gravitas, Gamay is responsible for juicy, berry-packed wines. Gamay is delicious on its own, but it is also the quintessential picnic red and goes well with simple charcuterie, country pâté and terrines. Gentle tannins and bright acidity make it a great option with Asian food, even dishes with a bit of a spicy kick. Gamay can also be a great pairing with poultry, especially duck or Thanksgiving turkey with cranberry sauce.

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About this Wine

A deliciously gulpable Santa Barbara Gamay Noir made in the “semi-carbonic method,” a winemaking technique used to make fresh, fruity wines.

Carbonic maceration is a way of fermenting red wine that differs from the standard, yeast-fueled fermentation. Unlike standard fermentation, in which yeast is manually or naturally added to grape must to convert sugar into alcohol, carbonic maceration does not use yeast to start fermentation.

How is this possible? It’s a complicated matter, but by placing whole bunches of grapes in a sealed vat filled with carbon dioxide, the oxygen-starved fruit will release naturally present enzymes. These enzymes perform a similar function to yeast, breaking sugars down into alcohol. Essentially, during carbonic maceration, alcoholic fermentation begins inside the grape itself. Cool, right?

Made with hand harvested, organically farmed grapes, indigenous yeast, naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria and minimum effective SO2.

100% Gamay Noir, aged six months in neutral French oak barriques

Drink now through 2020.

12.0% alc | 750ml

Meet the Guys

Lo-Fi Wines

Lo-Fi is a partnership between two lifelong friends - Mike Roth and Craig Winchester - who believe in hand crafted honest wines that are made for every day drinking. Wines to be enjoyed, not to be collected. Easy drinking, lower alcohol wines made to pair well with all types of foods, from pizza to paté.

The philosophy behind Lo-Fi is that wine is a lot like music, hence the two deciding to name the label after a musical term (low-fidelity, aka lo-fi, is a term for a technical flaw in a sound recording). You’ll also notice the label design pays homage to an vinyl record labels.

Just like music, they believe wine can be filled with “resonance, distortion, simplicity, modesty, intimacy and ingenious integrity of the natural process.” For Lo-Fi, the goal isn’t to create wine that is too polished or perfect, but rather, wine that embraces its more natural, raw expression.

In a world of wine scores and the quest for perfection, it’s an admirable approach to winemaking and one that is garnering them lots of good attention! In fact, Mike was named one of the SF Chronicle’s "Winemakers to Watch" in 2015.



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