2012 Grenache Rosé

Sierra Foothills, CA

  • Producer

    Miller Wine Works

  • What we love

    The style of this spectacular rosé resembles that of fine rosé Champagne. Aromas are driven by notes of pomegranate, flowers, peach skin, and that amazing yeasty scent that perfumes the outside of a local bakery shop. Exotic blood orange, dried strawberry and only a tinge of sweetness will grace your palate. The texture is smooth and creamy, its flavors distinct yet delicate – this rosé is such a beautiful wine.

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About this Wine

There is serious complexity here, delivering the kind of freshness, concentration, fruit, and minerality that only the best rosé have to offer.

Miller’s “Ruddy Bloom” rosé is a “wow” wine. We found the same level of quality and craftsmanship in this bottle as we do in some of the most sought-after aged rosé from France. The only difference? Price. This domestic version isn't $50 bottle (crazy!). Finding this gem and bringing it to you is why we love what we do. 

Pro tip: There are only some rosés on the planet which can be aged for a decade or more. Miller’s is one of them (it is also a joy to drink now). If you want to cellar it for a few more years, we think that is a great idea. Just be sure to keep it somewhere cool and dark, and lay it on its side. 

80% Grenache, 20% Mourvèdre

Drink now through 2022.

14.0% alc | 750ml

Miller Wine Works

Graduating with honors from the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., Gary Miller became a professional chef running the kitchens in world-class restaurants in Chicago, Aspen and West Virginia. So what is he doing in the Gold Rush town of Sutter Creek, California?

He makes wine. But that’s putting it too plainly.

Gary hands down makes some of the best wine in California.

What makes Gary special is his golden palate. His blends are perfect. His instincts and knowledge lets him hit every harvest date at both the perfect balance of ripeness and varietal expression. He makes winemaking look easy, such is the effortlessness of his balance and integration.

Miller Wine Works hasn’t just caught POLLUX’s eye with its quality. Leading U.S. wine critic, Robert Parker Jr (the guy who started the 100-point scale), had this to say:

“Gary Miller is pursuing his passion to make wines that he enjoys. Miller has accessed some fine vineyards… and [is producing] excellent to outstanding wines that merit serious attention.”

And while Gary has received glowing laudits throughout his career from even the most critical of wine critics, he remains humble and true to his original philosophy that wine is “liquid food,” not something you serve on a pedestal and fawn over, even if his wine is, indeed, perfect.



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