2013 Petite Sirah

Skinner Vineyards, Sierra Foothills, CA

  • Producer

    Miller Wine Works

  • What we love

    Dark & super delicious, Miller's elegant Petite Sirah exceeds expectations both in quality and in price. You can tell this Petite Sirah is high-end because it has 'two volumes:' loud and soft. Whereas lesser-quality Petite Sirah tend only to showcase the grape's bold flavors like blackberry and licorice, Miller's version leaves space for subtlety to bring it to another level. Behind its lush profile, see if you can detect the faint aromas of dried tobacco, clove, and wood smoke. If not at first, keep sniffing as these notes will become more apparent as the wine gains air. Miller's Petite Sirah's full body and bold fruit make it an ideal match for barbecue, especially brisket with a slightly sweet sauce, but this wine's freshness also makes it perfect for seafood dishes like paella and grilled salmon or tuna.

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About this Wine

In the hands of uber-talented winemaker Gary Miller, the burly Petite Sirah grape is tamed into a polished, elegant wine that even the most discerning oenophiles can't help but love.

We especially appreciate this wine against a backdrop that too many American-made Petite Sirah just disappoint, their styles so obviously appealing to commercial mass-appeal. Miller's style of Petite Sirah, however, is absolutely restrained, another way of saying it's not overdone, and resembles a style that you see coming out of Europe. But this wine is not really what we'd call a "feminine wine" - oh, there's still plenty of power and depth of flavor. We love Miller's Petite Sirah - actually, the first scribble on the notepad was 'Perfect.'

Somm-fact: Don't get Petite Sirah confused with Syrah - it is not, as the name might seem to imply, a smaller version of Syrah. It is, however, the offspring of Syrah (crossed with an obscure French variety called Peloursin), so the two grapes do share some characteristics despite being completely distinct varieties.

  • 95% Petite Sirah, 5% Zinfandel
  • 14.5% alc - 117 cases made.
  • Drink now through 2023.

Miller Wine Works

Graduating with honors from the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., Gary Miller became a professional chef running the kitchens in world-class restaurants in Chicago, Aspen and West Virginia. So what is he doing in the Gold Rush town of Sutter Creek, California?

He makes wine. But that’s putting it too plainly.

Gary hands down makes some of the best wine in California.

What makes Gary special is his golden palate. His blends are perfect. His instincts and knowledge lets him hit every harvest date at both the perfect balance of ripeness and varietal expression. He makes winemaking look easy, such is the effortlessness of his balance and integration.

Miller Wine Works hasn’t just caught POLLUX’s eye with its quality. Leading U.S. wine critic, Robert Parker Jr (the guy who started the 100-point scale), had this to say:

“Gary Miller is pursuing his passion to make wines that he enjoys. Miller has accessed some fine vineyards… and [is producing] excellent to outstanding wines that merit serious attention.”

And while Gary has received glowing laudits throughout his career from even the most critical of wine critics, he remains humble and true to his original philosophy that wine is “liquid food,” not something you serve on a pedestal and fawn over, even if his wine is, indeed, perfect.



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