From full-bodied reds that call for a leather armchair and a roaring fire, to aromatic whites that pair so well with Asian cuisine, there are many wine styles to choose from. A great way to start is by exploring different styles and seeing what you like the most.

Have fun!

Powerhouse Reds

Calling all carnivores. Full-bodied reds are the darkest and most tannic, with rich, mouth-coating dark fruit flavors. Ripeness is crucial to delivering the necessary depth and concentration, so these wines hail from warmer regions or hotter vintages to yield the best versions.


Elegant Reds

Lighter bodied red wines are naturally higher in acidity, low in tannins and tend to have less alcohol. These characteristics work together to create bottles that keep your palate salivating for more without any significant tannin-induced dryness.


Crisp & Refreshing

These light, easy-drinking whites and rosés are beloved for their refreshing nature, fine acidity and conspicuous elegance, as well as their dry — as in not sweet — characteristics.

All of these wines display marvelous versatility, they are not just for hot afternoons. They make elegant dinner party aperitifs and are excellent for pairing with food, especially when that food comes from the sea.


Silky Whites

Full-bodied white wines are perfect for red wine lovers because of their rich, smooth taste and creamy texture. What makes them soft and silky usually involves various winemaking techniques, including the use of oak aging, aging sur lees, and complete malo-lactic fermentation.


Adventurous Discoveries

These are the wines that are off-the-beaten path and difficult to find, but can be highly rewarding. They range from little-known German white varieties blended and vinified in Lodi, California, and an aged Sauvignon Blanc from Santa Barbara, to a low alcohol, earthy Blaufränkisch from Willamette Valley, Oregon.

After all, the best (and fastest) way to learn about wine is to expose your palate to as many new wines as possible.