How many wine merchants spend time traveling wine country these days? Anyone can sell a portfolio of famous names; it takes skill and no little courage to discover and promote something new.

- Tim Atkin, Master of Wine

From his article,”Where have all the wine merchants gone?"


We are wine merchants that people trust.

There's a reason customers keep coming back to buy more wine. When folks have questions, we provide answers. There’s always an open line between us and them. The quality is consistent, delivery is quick and reliable, and we never overcharge. We take a lot of pride in what wines we choose to list. It takes us months of prep to put our list together, which sees new additions seasonally, and although it is relatively small at roughly 30 strong, it’s diverse in style and in price point ensuring there is always something for everyone. We’re our customers’ Easy Button, and it’ll be our pleasure to be yours, too.


Finding good wine is a drag. There are thousands of options, and the most recognizable names are often the mass-produced stuff that’s sold everywhere. But mass-produced is so “meh,” and that’s not going to impress anyone, let alone yourself.

So we made it easier for you.

We travel around wine country tasting wines from small craft wineries, and offer you the ones we like the most. Every wine we sell is a wine we’d gladly spend our hard-earned money on, too.

You can trust our wine selection because we have a Master Sommelier picking your wines.

His name is Dave Yoshida, and he is a Master Sommelier. He’s one of only 247 fellow professionals worldwide to have earned the title. So that’s a pretty big deal. Dave knows what he’s doing when it comes to picking good juice, and for the right price, too.

Plus, buying anything online, including wine, is better than going to the store.

The wine list is set up alphabetically by varietal name. You don’t need to recognize brands or labels, or even grape type to choose a great bottle.

Whatever you pick, you know that an expert in wine would buy and enjoy that same bottle, too.

Nice to meet you!

Sydney Chun

Sydney is the #girlboss and driving force behind POLLUX. She does everything from website design and operations to negotiating contracts and filing taxes.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Sydney comes from a family of restaurateurs, and learned early on from her grandfather one of the most important lessons in business: “Always, always, think about your customers first.”

She finds satisfaction in watching people eat her cooking, not only to see their reaction, but also because she relishes in the fact that she is nourishing. In a way, it exemplifies Sydney perfectly: she’s intensely caring and wants to share her creations and passions with everyone.

For Sydney, wine is about people. Our shared experiences, the hilarious intoxicated stories, the nothing-as-relaxing-as-a-glass-of-wine, and of course, the passion to create and the dirt under the fingernails that evidences hard work.

Dave Yoshida

Dave is your personal #wineguru. He’s the book-smart member of the team with his degrees in Physics, Philosophy, Culinary, and Religious studies, and his photographic memory that lets him recall the profile of any one of the tens of thousands of wines he’s tasted.

For Dave, falling in love with wine was about discovering that it combined all his studies.

While still in grad school at Yale, Dave began teaching classes on the world’s wine regions, but what started as a side job soon morphed into working as a New York City sommelier, and transitioned to the hands-on side of making wine in Spain, France and Walla Walla, Washington.

Now, he’s a Master Sommelier.

You’d think Dave would have his hands full, yet, somehow, he still finds “free time,” which he chooses to spend as a volunteer, teaching ethics classes at California’s San Quentin State Penitentiary. Dave truly cares about what's in your glass.


“This is the best time in a generation to drink California wines.”

- Jon Bonné, one of the most influential voices on wine.

This is California wine’s moment, where today’s winemakers have grown in confidence, aren’t afraid to take risks, and are no longer conforming to a handful of critics’ tastes. These innovative producers are rewriting the rules of modern winemaking in their quest to express the uniqueness of California terroir. As we introduce the people and places behind the bottles, you too will discover a wine culture that’s diverse, unpretentious, and of course, distinctly American.



Together, we've tasted more than 10,000 wines. We still have our written tasting notes on each bottle to prove it!


Armed with over 17 years of combined industry experience, we know how to acquire and deliver the best juice for you.


On average, for every 100 wines we taste, only 2% make the cut. Quality alone isn’t enough; each bottle must also represent a good value.